30 June 2014

twenty cents

It happened already.
I was in Wal-mart, and it has already begun!
(insert scary music here! .....dum-dum-dum-dum.....)
The rows are already in place, I got my sales flier in the mail today. On the front page -- twenty-four count crayons for .20 cents!
$0.20! What a deal!
And glue, and rulers, and folders, and notebooks!
Oh, my!

And, yes, we homeschool and all -- but won't I be depriving them if they can't pick out a brand new lunchbox and backpack along with everyone else?!?! We go on picnics, right? (✿◠‿◠)


Okay, but seriously now, I do buy the crayons.

Why? Not because we need crayons.

Our house has enough crayons that I could probably stack them up around the outside of our home like tiny colorful little lengths of timber for our very own unique wax log cabin.
No, I buy them because there is something so nice about opening that new box of crayons.
All in their little ordered rows, their little tips still pristine.

And the way the kidlings get so excited at a new box of crayons.
How one of my children will only take out one at a time as he needs it.
How the other will dump the whole box and line them up - to easily grab the next needed color.

It is like opening up a box of imagination, and creativity, and possibilities.

For twenty cents?
Yeah, that is more than worth it....